Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Budha teaches, change is inevitable...

It's summer.

   That means we get lot's of announcements from the big studios, both movie and comic, about the latest tent pole films and events going on in their respective franchises. While most geeks bask in the warm glow of all the geeky goodness, fantard reaction roles up like a tsunami on an otherwise balmy Indonesian afternoon.

This also caused a stink.
   My example de jure (minus spoilers) is: A classic X-Man is gay. Announced in the All New X-Men comic written by Brian Michael Bendis. Anyone who can tie their own shoelaces without instructions should proceed with a healthy sense of curiosity, Bendis is a good writer, he'll make this work and work well with any luck. Unfortunately there are a few who still need help with velcro shoes, whom tragically have the loudest voices, and simply can't handle the new direction for the character in question.

   Arguments range from: "There's never been any evidence!" to "It's ruining 70 years of history!" have taken up vital space on many servers and created enough click bait to lure out the most cheeto encrusted idiot from his basement dwelling. For a start this character is fictional, and he doesn't have a 'history' he has a Who's Who entry, in other words he's mutable, writers can do what they like with him. Personally I feel Bendis is a good writer, let's see what he does with this.

   Accusations of homophobia come from the more rational keyboard warriors, but no matter how reasonable you are trying to comment on the situation may as well be throwing a match into an oil well because the result is the same.

   You see the 'hate' that fuels the reactions from the angry peanut gallery isn't objective, it's not an opinion on what's given it's an opinion on how they feel about it and that feeling is fear. It's not homophobia or in the case of Johnny Storm from the new FF flick, racism, or sexism regarding the new female Thor, but an almost crippling terror of.... change. Some fanboys and geeks are not good with change, despite always calling for it. If something is established in four colours then that is how it has to be, and this is an odd thing.

That's a much better costume for a 14
year old boy to fight crime in.
   I remember when I was a kid marveling at a new costume or different Batmobile, wondering where it all fit together and how it worked and what it would do that was different from the last one. I remember seeing Tim Drake's new costume for the first time and my adolescent brain was actually relieved it wasn't short pants again. I, and many others have retained this sense of wonder, kept it it safe and added to it, treasuring the new experiences. For others, those who confuse maturity with the word 'fuck' when something new happens in comics they cling to the old ideas, somehow thinking they are better, when they're not, they're just different.

   The biggest contributing factor to this problem, aside from a crippled education system, is the cost of modern comics. A limited budget means you can only buy from one publisher or the other and this forces a young naive geek into one camp or another. I read the Avengers titles, I don't have the budget for Justice League titles. This doesn't mean I hate DC, it doesn't mean I don't like the Justice League, but it does put me in the Marvel camp. I and many others know though that it's a holiday camp, not a concentration camp. You can leave whenever you want and even visit other camps. As in all camps, there is a bully, or in contemporary parlance an arsehole. An individual that picks their camp and defends it in a dissenting voice, with a megaphone. The 'bully' can't afford the other camp so in an obsessive mind, if you can't have it, it has to be crap, otherwise you'd want it, and you can't have it because you can't afford it...and on it goes.

If only the flame wars were this epic.
   They find stability in their own camp, so when a shake up happens that stability, that they have been paying for for years, is suddenly rattled and there's genuine feelings of betrayal, because for arguments sake, Spider-Woman now has a jacket. Though that could be because she's now harder to masterbate over.

   Sometimes objective reasoning with a soupcon of existing knowledge can pick up on the inherent dissonance of a bad idea, after all look at Adam Sandler movies, now stop screaming and keep reading. The beauty of comics is the past is always in a 50p bin, there's plenty of stories to read featuring the versions of characters that you prefer, and if you finish all those, then either take a chance and accept that all the stories to that point have been told and the new stuff can be fun or find a corner and rock gently stroking the hair on your Mego Batgirl doll.

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