Sunday, 15 November 2015

Frank Miller, DC please stop it....

Dan DiDio: I loved it. Honestly, I did. That's one thing that Frank Miller does is evokes emotion in his work, in his storytelling, everything he does. The fact that the first art that came out from him associated with this project got that response is everything we could hope for.

This whole situation is embarrassing.

   Frank Miller used to be a comic icon. He created what I consider to be one of the three great comics of modern times, The Dark Knight Returns. A seminal deconstruction of superheroes and their place in media and pop culture. Miller's Sin City is THE place to go for crime noir in comics, but then this happened...->

   People began to realize the cracks were showing. DKR 2 was so bad my local comic shop actually had a returns policy if you didn't like it.

   DC tried to wheel out another Bat title, All Star Batman and Robin, or ASBAR as it became known. For which Miller's writing was plain awful. Then came Holy Terror, which was supposed to be a Batman book but apparently Miller decided against that and made his own characters up. The book is beyond any negative 'ism you could level against it and for many was the final proof Miller had swan dived from the writing perch into a misogynistic right wing megalomania.

   Now with BVSDOJ coming DC are wheeling him out again in a more promotional position, allowing other writers and artists to build on a synopsis he's given. But he did do that Superman cover, too much derision from the internet. It is an objectively dodgy piece of shit and it's a toss up whether it's Miller's health or the fact he simply doesn't care about the genre any more that motivated it. But that's not the real issue here.

   The art is a piece of shit, hands down it's like a Liefeldian parody but it's DC wheeling it out and defending it that makes me throw in the towel and think DC have actually lost the fucking plot. For Didio to actively support a negative reaction is utterly confounding. The "emotion" that image is "evoking" is disgust and derision and Didio is lapping it up like a gimp at the piss trough. You never see him come out when there's a genuinely awesome innovation...

   No, you see him pop up and do damage control or or drag DC back into the nineties when comics where selling like hot cakes for all the wrong reasons...->

   There's been people I respect in the industry make a valiant attempt to defend the cover, but wind up defending Miller by proxy. He's never struck me as someone who needs defending but maybe needs a bloody good inker and an editor. 

   There's simply no excuse for that artwork it demeans the genre, the industry and DC just looks like they're trying to pass a freshly laid turd off as a Black Forest Gateau.

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