Sunday, 7 February 2016

steps for saving comics.

Right, other than bitch slapping every fantard on the planet there are ways that the Industry, looking at YOU big two, could do things that would help people get into comics.

These days there are far more ways into comics and many publishers take full advantage of them, except the big two. When you hear fantards bemoan the fall of the industry they're really on about the big two.

Here's some things that the big two should do before it becomes apparent they are performing CPR on a corpse.
1. Twelve issue runs. Each year January to December all titles get twelve issues and one annual. Numbering goes issue number then year. If the comic is successful it starts again in the following January. The creative team stays on for the complete twelve issues, stories have to be tied up by December and the status qoe carries over to the new issue one the following year.
Trades can be one complete volume or split into to two six issue books. Creative teams can do twelve single issue stories or a twelve part epic, split the twelve any way they like.
This works for TV shows and Dark Horse do it all the time, it doesn't scare potential new readers away and it minimizes the loss for the big two. The only downside I can see is the endless whinging of the hard core that think never seeing issue 1000 of Colonel Bumface will bring an end to life as they know it.
2. Any comic that sells less than 20,000 issues goes to digital. Live with it.
3. All trades are released in at the end of the run.
4. Image release every first trade for 7.50, all publishers should do this!
5. Events are a separate entity, anything that "changes the face of the universe" comes into effect with the subsequent run of any series so there's no interruptions.Of course if a creative team wants to join in they can. Events are also limited to twelve issues with no tie in series.
6. New digital issues should only cost a quid, coming down to 50p after the release of the trade. Floppies should be come down to 2.99.
7. No more multiple titles unless they can be justified. Batman, fine, Detective Comics, is it just Batman? Yes, then not fine. There's nothing wrong with a bit of branding but we don't need 10 X books or 12 Bat titles.
8. Marketing. Advertise the comics online, in cinemas, in as many places as you can. The Big Two have this in the bag with movies and TV but they could do more to promote the source material like having stands IN cinemas, bringing back the newstand comics in supermarkets and offering incentives to book shops to promote their trades.

That's it for now and I know some of these are unlikely to ever happen and fantards will whinge but these are the things that need to happen for the medium to progress and make some attempts to satisfy a wider audience not just the miserable core.

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